Marriage without happiness can adversely affect the health

Marriage without happiness can adversely affect the health
Marriage is a long way to unite with each other when two human vision, mission and life together. Hard through a period wedding, wedding even the old-old still has the potential for one or both of the split was not happy. The effect was very large, because of a bad marriage can damage health.

A study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University found that people who are not happy with the marriage are at high risk to experience a variety of deadly health problems. Some of the diseases that can be suffered by those who are unhappy marriage is heart disease at a young age and immune disorders, as reported by
Happy Marriage

Women More Prone to Experiencing Health Problems Due to Marriage

The researchers found that these disorders are more likely to affect women than men. Poor health problems such as heart disease because women tend to stifle and suppress feelings of disappointment, sadness and anger that often exist in marriage. Women also tend to be more prone to depression, including blood pressure disorders.

Therefore, a research team led by Hui Lui suggested that women do marriage counseling if the marriage is considered very heavy and there is no problem in it. Counseling will help women find a way out and do not always end in divorce. Counseling is important for them to be married to couples aged 40-50 years who had been married.

So if your age is still young to be married, think carefully about this. There is always a problem in the marriage, and sometimes silent or harbored problem alone is not the best way, because the effect will directly attack your body. Get used to communicate, especially if you will live forever with the people you love.

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