Believe it not, Ex Girlfriend Turns Better Than Ex Friend

Sometimes, it's abandoned his friends more than the imprint left by a boyfriend. Indeed, when a friend leaves us, they seemed to go without making hurt at first. In contrast to the abandoned girlfriend originally imprint wound.

But, some of you might be able to gracefully when boyfriend left rather than left friends. And, some also have even stated that the ex-boyfriend turned out to be better than the former friends. Here's why, quoted from

Impact with another friend
When there is a problem with one of the friends, often other friends also went along. They can rarely be neutral and tend to favor one. Whether it is on your side or siding former friend. This certainly makes friendship so tenuous.
About secret
People most often you make the vent is a friend. Both of the problems you face up to the secrets that you can not buried. In this case, you also often feel worried about his former friend will divulge secrets you have.
Can not block
In terms of social media, you can just block the former at will. Moreover, when the former had not felt bring comfort in your social life. However, it is very difficult to block some friends in social media. Because, when you block, another friend would have thought you childish.
sharing goods
Sometimes, annoying things come when you remember that there are still many things that she wears now. And to ask for it back, it's been reluctant. Moreover, your goods available to it, including important or expensive goods once such a bag. Unfortunately too right?
How do you think ladies? What makes you the most cranky when faced with the reality that the people closest to you once now turned to a former friend?

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